Video Game Design and Development
This course is for students who love gaming and who are interested in learning how to design and code their own original computer games. Learning activities will combine creativity with problem solving and logic skills to master game development using popular coding software. After learning about and researching game genres and classic games, students learn about all aspects of the game-design process. Students will create engaging, interactive games in a variety of styles.  Utilizing a variety of tools designed to introduce computer programming concepts,  this course provides a solid introduction to coding.

Engineering Design and Graphics and is intended as an entry level course for anyone interested in pursuing Engineering.

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to visualizing and representing design ideas pictorially through drafting (ANSI Standards) and graphics.  It is a method of communicating design ideas to complement traditional narratives and discussions.  One of my statements in all of my Engineering courses is: “the best idea in the world is worthless unless you can convince your audience that it has value.”  This convincing begins with a clear and complete design.

An additional purpose of this course is setting the table for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and SolidWorks

This class is open to students in grades 9 – 12

Design & Problem Solving will allow students to apply the 7-step engineering design process to any proposed invention or innovation

Students in this course will be learning the basics of HTML Code, including tags, scripts, style sheets, and more. Students will design websites using HTML Code and Web-Based applications such as Weebly, Wix or Google Sites. In addition, students will have an understanding of good web design, including, but not limited to navigation, images, colors and more. Students will also use specialized software and several web-based resources to modify and edit images for their websites, as well as designing the layout for their website.

Students will be required to install software on their personal or school computer and have access to a school or personal Gmail account.