This course will examine the concept, history, and current impact of terrorism.      The course will be split into three parts.  Part one will examine terrorism as a concept from various perspectives, focusing on the question “why is one man’s terrorist another man’s freedom fighter?”  Students will analyze the use of the term in history and examine the use of the term in its modern context from various perspectives. Students will examine case studies of terrorism such as the KKK in America and the IRA in Ireland.  Part two of the course will examine the political, social, and ideological factors that contributed to the rise of radical Islamic terrorism culminating with the 9/11 attacks.  Part three of the course will focus on the causes and effects of the “War on Terror” with a focus on balancing liberty with security in America.  Students will analyze the US foreign response to 9/11 in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the US domestic response of the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance programs.  The final project of the course will focus on students researching and debating policy recommendations for US policy towards ISIS including addressing the specific problem of ISIS inspired terrorism by citizens of European nations and the US.